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Families increasingly choose small animals as their pets, including rabbits and rodents. These affectionate animals cause positive emotions. However, you need to keep in mind that they are very sensitive to any external influences and often get sick. Therefore, they require regular and careful care. Products for small animals will help your pet stay healthy and active.

Types of products for small pets

Every owner needs special tools and accessories to ensure healthy and happy life for their rabbit or rodent.

These are the main types of pet care products for rabbits:

  • Feed. A special mixture of cereals, fruits and vegetables provides your pet with a nutritious and balanced diet.
  • Cages are made of different manufacturing materials, have various dimensions and equipment.
  • Fillers is usually hay, straw, or sawdust. Need to remember that a filler in the cage should be replaced at least once in two days.
  • Carriers are indispensable for animal transportation needs, such as trips to the vet.
  • Pet care products include preventive drugs, products for fur care, combs and other accessories. They help to maintain hygiene and health of your little friends.
  • Accessories and toys. Every rodent needs a water bowl and food bowl. Variety of balls, tunnels and stairs ensure regular physical exercise. Veterinarians recommend equipping every cage with a special mineral and salt stones which are used by rabbits to sharpen their teeth.

These products will ensure that your fur friends will stay healthy and energetic.

How to choose products for small pets

Small animals are very fragile and require harmless and natural food to stay healthy. Their teeth are constantly growing and require toys and teeth sharpeners to constantly grind them down. Bowls and other accessories should be safe for the animal. Same applies to the cage. Cage bars should be solid and made from environmentally friendly raw materials.

If you need assistance in picking right products for your pet please consult with our trained customer service team before placing your order.

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In our online store you can find everything you need for your rodent. Our wide selection of pet care choices will ensure that you can find every kind of food item or accessory for your pet. Our products meet all established quality and safety standards. You can buy products for small pets at affordable and reasonable prices. Do not delay – place your order now!

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