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Trixie Reptiland Cuttle Fish Bones, Set
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Reptil Daylight Compact/26W   by Sera
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Trixie Terrarium Lock for Sliding Doors
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Reptiles are the kind of pets that don't require a lot of care. They don't make noise, don't have an unpleasant smell, and they live long. Everything you need for a reptile are a cozy habitat, healthy food and proper temperature, humidity and lighting. Special goods for reptiles will help you to create comfortable conditions for your pet. As a result you will get a healthy, good-looking pet.

Goods for reptiles

Modern manufacturers offer different products that help to create ideal conditions for your exotic pet. The main types of goods for reptiles are the following:

  • food, for example, frozen food, vitamins and minerals;
  • plastic and glass terrariums, covers and filters;
  • accessories for terrariums (heating and humidity control devices);
  • lighting;
  • terrarium decor;
  • food and water accessories;
  • substrate and bedding.

How to choose goods for reptiles

Before choosing goods for your pet, find out what species it belongs to. For example, it is necessary to remember that predators and herbivorous reptiles need absolutely different food. It is useless to offer improper food to the pet and sometimes it is even dangerous.

Also keep in mind that some species need mixed food. There are special foods containing both animal proteins and vegetable ingredients.

When choosing goods for reptiles remember that different reptiles have different terrarium decor needs also. For example, if your pet belongs to a ground-digging species, you shouldn’t use gravel at all. If your reptile is of tropical or subtropical origin, it has elevated humidity needs. And a tree snake, or Chrysopelea, has to live in a big terrarium with a large number of tree limbs.

How we can help

To buy goods for reptiles at a bargain, please visit our online shop. We have a wide range of well-known manufacturers. Your pet will have the best goods, and thanks to our reasonable prices, you will save money!

Making a purchase is quick and easy: it takes several clicks to complete an order, and delivery is carried out in a short time. We will save you time!

Would you like to know more about items for reptiles or about our guarantees? Please be sure to consult our support service at any time!

By choosing our online shop you choose quality goods, proper service and reasonable economy. Give the best from PetsExpert to your pet!

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