Tierwohl Super  15 kg, 24 kg


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15 kg

9,74 £*
0.65 £* / Kg


24 kg

11,29 £*
0.47 £* / Kg

* Prices incl. legal value added tax, plus Shipping
Hay and high fiber food

Tierwohl Super

TierWohl Super is the sophisticated alternative to traditional chip-based bedding. The top-quality, specially dried, fine soft wood granulate forms a significantly more compact and more absorbent base.

Moisture is locked into the interior of the fibres, so the litter neutralises odours very much more effectively. Significantly more absorbent than conventional shavings. Noticeably reduces the volume of stable waste

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Tierwohl product range
In case the total weight of your order exceeds 30 kg the delivery charge may be calculated individually. We will contact you to clarify the details.
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