Carrot Pellets for dogs
OLEWO Carrot Pellets for dogs  5 kg, 2.5 kg, 1 kg
OLEWO Carrot Pellets for dogs  1 kg
Carrot Pellets for dogs  by OLEWO 1 kg EAN 4019995103616

Carrot Pellets for dogs

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Carrot Pellets for dogs

1 kg

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Carrot Pellets for dogs

2.5 kg

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Carrot Pellets for dogs

5 kg

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OLEWO Carrot Pellets for dogs

Carrot pellets are a valuable supplement for all dog breeds. It is a 100% nature product. Only 100 g of product contains nutrients and active agents of nearly 1 kg fresh carrots.The 3 mm pellets have to be steeped and given to the normal recommended daily amount. It contains no admixture or flavours.Olewo carrot pellets are especially recommended for :

  • Puppies and young dogs from 6 weeks of age
  • In intestinal disorders for diarrheal prevention as a natural infection protection
  • An easier coat change for dogs
  • A better brilliance coat and good coat closeness
  • Dark pigmentated dogs for naturally better coat brand
  • Pregnant she-dogs for more vitamins and infect protection
  • Old dogs for a better immune system and mucous membrane protection as well as appetite animation
  • Overweight dogs for dietary fibre food within a diet sheet
  • Sport and Show dogs for Regulation at stress
  • Related, soft defecation and consolidation of the body’s defences
  • Medication, as delicious basis food

100% carrots, dried and pelletized.

Moisture 10.6%
Crude ash 5.4%
Crude protein 4.7%
Crude fat 1.9%
Calcium 0.43%
Phosphorus 0.17%

OLEWO carrot pellets can be added to the daily ration starting from 6 weeks of age. For a mid-size, full-grown dog, take: 1 tablespoon of OLEWO carrot pellets. Steep for 10-15 minutes in warm water. Add a teaspoon of seed oil (Olio Vivo active. Mix everything well and mix in your dog’s regular food.

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