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Royal Paste
Terra Canis Royal Paste  250 ml
Terra Canis Royal Paste  250 ml
Royal Paste  by Terra Canis 250 ml EAN 4260109624880

Royal Paste

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250 ml
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Analytical constituents
Feeding recommendations
Immune system

Terra Canis Royal Paste

Terra Canis Royal Paste – antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

A true speciality is our coconut and Manuka paste! Precious Manuka honey originates from the nectar of the New Zealand Manuka bush and has been used for medicinal purposes by the Maori, New Zealand’s indigenous people, for centuries. The sweet medicine is said to help with wound healing, colds, inflammations and stomach and intestinal complaints. The “miracle honey” is also said to have a far-reaching anti-microbial effect against bacteria, viruses and even fungi which makes it a protective shield against various infections. The beehive also produces propolis, a substance that is often referred to as the natural antibiotic of the bees and can be used as a preventative and to fight infection.

Areas of application

  • Acute infections
  • Immune deficiency
  • Immune prophylaxis
  • To carry out immunotherapy convalescence

Water, coconut oil (30%), manuka-honey (18%), black cumin oil, guar gum, propolis (0.6%), sunflower protein, citric acid.

Preservative: Sodium bisulphite.

Moisture 51.3%
Crude fat 35.7%
Crude protein 1.1%
Crude fiber 0.7%
Crude ash 0.2%

Give 2 or 3 times per week.Stir well into one dish of the day. Due to the intense flavor we do not recommend to feed unmixed. Refrigerate after opening and use within 8 weeks.Suitable for dogs of all races and adult dogs.

Weight of dog

Daily rate (teaspoons)

10 kg 

0.5 tsp

20 kg

1 tsp

30 kg

1.5 tsp

40 kg 

2 tsp

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