Voskes Delicatesse boiled Salmon Salmon 140 g
Voskes Delicatesse boiled Salmon EAN 8711242932494 - price
Voskes Delicatesse boiled Salmon Salmon 140 g - price

Delicatesse boiled Salmon

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1. Taste:
Delicatesse boiled Chicken Voskes 8711242932470

Voskes Delicatesse boiled Chicken

Delicatesse boiled Mackerel Voskes 8711242932487

Voskes Delicatesse boiled Mackerel

Delicatesse boiled Salmon Voskes 8711242932494

Voskes Delicatesse boiled Salmon

2. Weight:
140 g
2. Weight:
140 g
2. Weight:
140 g
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4,27 £*
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Analytical constituents
Gluten-free snacks

Voskes Delicatesse boiled Salmon

Delicious juicy, tender pieces of salmon, boiled and individually vacuum-sealed for maximum freshness. A true delicacy for your cat.

100% salmon.

Moisture 60%
Crude protein 30%
Crude fat 1%
Crude fiber 1%
Crude ash 1%
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