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Simmental Beef lung cubes "Mini"
DeliBest Simmental Beef lung cubes "Mini" 60 g

Simmental Beef lung cubes "Mini"

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Simmental Beef lung cubes "Mini"

60 g

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Simmental Beef Lung Cubes

120 g

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DeliBest Simmental Beef lung cubes "Mini"

These essential and special chew snacks are intended to be used now and again or as a treat with high acceptance, for big and little dogs.

„Simmental meat snacks are dried by beechwood fire, which creates a smoky flavour.“ We obtain the meat from Switzerland and the Alpine region. The delicious meat flavor results from spicy grass food and alpine herbs.

The varietal DeliBest Simmental beef snacks offering a meaningful employment, strengthen the masticatory muscles and can be served to the cleaning of the teeth.

Heat treated at 95 ° C.

Beef lung 100%

Crude fat 8.2%
Crude protein 76.6%.
Moisture 10%
Crude ash 3.9%

At any time between meals as a treat and dental care.

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