EBI Gorrrrilla Tug-o-War Violet S

Gorrrrilla Tug-o-War

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1. Colour:
Neon green
EBI Gorrrrilla Tug-o-War  Neon green

EBI Gorrrrilla Tug-o-War Neon green

EBI Gorrrrilla Tug-o-War  Violet

EBI Gorrrrilla Tug-o-War Violet

2. Size:
2. Size:
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Snack toys

EBI Gorrrrilla Tug-o-War

Gorrrrilla Tug-o-War is a really tough rubber toy with minimum 80% natural rubber.

  • For long lasting chew and playing pleasure
  • Lasts up to 20 times longer comparing to conventional rubber toys
  • Specially shaped interior chamber has a ridge inside to integrate treats in chewing and playing fun
  • Tried and tested by notorious chewers, feedback reviewed and used to make the best chewing toy
  • Built to challenge and entertain your dog for an extended time
  • Made from strong & durable material

Security notice: Usage under direct supervision of adults only! Not suitable for children! Danger of swallowing of small pieces! Danger of strangulation!

Toy size

Dog weight


Up to 9 kg


7-16 kg


13-30 kg


+23 kg

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