GimCat Creamy Licks Digestion 7x5 g
GimCat Creamy Licks Digestion 7x5 g  price
GimCat Creamy Licks Digestion  7x5 g   price
GimCat Creamy Licks Digestion  7x5 g shop

Creamy Licks Digestion

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7x5 g
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GimCat Creamy Licks Digestion

GimCat Creamy Licks Digestion is a complementary feed for cats.

This creamy treat tastes delicious and supports your cat's healthy. Creamy Licks help swallowed hair to pass through the body and contribute to your cat's well-being. Filled in practical single portions makes it possible to feed your pet with the fresh Creamy Licks at any time.

Vegetable by-products (malt extracts 43%), oils and fats (31.5%), yeasts (2.5%).

Additives: antioxidants.

Crude fat 39%
Moisture 13%
Crude ash 5%
Crude fiber 3%
Crude protein 2%

Feed 1 portion pack per day.

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