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Crispy Bits Multi-Vitamin
GimCat Crispy Bits Multi-Vitamin 40 g

Crispy Bits Multi-Vitamin

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Analytical constituents
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Crispy snacks

GimCat Crispy Bits Multi-Vitamin

Crispy Bits Multi-Vitamin are crisp inside and essential outside!

Crispy Bits Multi-Vitamin contain delicious beef as well as taurine and vitamins to strengthen your cat’s immune system and improve its well-being. Taurine also improves vision and heart function. No sugar added.

Grains, meat and animal by-products (dried beef 4%), yeasts, fish and fish by-products, plant protein extracts, plant-based products, oils and fats, minerals.

Additives: Vitamin A 13600 IU, Vitamin D3 2710 IU, Vitamin E 345 mg, Vitamin B1 27mg, Vitamin B2 19 mg, Vitamin B6 11.5 mg, Vitamin B12 108 mcg, Calcium-D-Pantothenat 27 mg, niacin 191.5 mg, biotin 368 mcg, taurin 2680 mg, folic acid 3.7 mg, antioxidant, preservatives.

Crude protein 26%
Moisture 12%
Crude fat 7%
Crude ash 7%
Crude fiber 3%

Feed up to 5 pieces per day.

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