Crispy Bits Dental
GimCat Crispy Bits Dental 40 g

Crispy Bits Dental

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GimCat Crispy Bits Dental

Crispy Bits Dental are crisp inside and essential outside!

Crispy Bits Dental contain delicious chicken and catnip as well as cellulose cleansing particles to help prevent plaque and tartar. No sugar added. Moreover, these snacks include mint that attracts your little fluffy friend. The additives combine necessary antioxidants and preservatives.

We advise you to feed your animal handily, this will encourage your animal to good behaviour. In this way relationship with your cat will be pleasurable and closer.

Grains, meat and animal-based products (dried chicken 5.7%), yeasts, fish and fish-by products, plant-based products (cellulose 1%, catnip 0.5%), plant protein extracts, minerals (sodium hexaphosphate 0.6%), oils and fats.

Additives: Vitamin A 13600 IU, Vitamin D3 1360 IU, Vitamin E 170 mg, taurin 680 mg, antioxidant and preservatives.

Crude protein 26%
Moisture 12%
Crude ash 7%
Crude fat 6.5%
Crude fiber 3.5%

Feed up to 5 pieces per day.

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