Biokat's Deo Pearls Walk in the Forest 700 g

Deo Pearls Walk in the Forest

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Biokat's Deo Pearls Walk in the Forest

With Deo Pearls Walk in the Forest you can refresh your cat's litter tray at your own discretion and as often as you like.

Immerse yourself in the world of fragrances and allow yourself to be charmed by a natural combination of fresh grass, spruce needles, eucalyptus, clove and a hint of musk. Walk in the Forest puts you in a blissful mood, and you'll feel like you're taking a leisurely walk in the forest surrounded by the familiar smells of nature.

  • Stands out with its AromaProtect Formula
  • Captures unpleasant odours and releases pleasant Walk in the Forest fragrance
  • Is developed by the experts for cat hygiene
  • Provides for sustained odour binding
  • Strengthens the clumping action
  • Enables you to use your normal cat litter for longer

Recommended dosage: Sprinkle over the litter as required.

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