Solo Insekt
Yummeez Solo Insekt Insects 175 g

Solo Insekt

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1. Taste:
Solo Ente Yummeez 4260379444461

Yummeez Solo Ente

Solo Insekt Yummeez 4260379444492

Yummeez Solo Insekt

Solo Rabbit Yummeez 4260379444379

Yummeez Solo Rabbit

Solo Trout Yummeez 4260379444386

Yummeez Solo Trout

2. Weight:
175 g
2. Weight:
175 g
2. Weight:
175 g
2. Weight:
175 g
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Analytical constituents
Feeding recommendations
Dog treats

Yummeez Solo Insekt

Yummeez Solo with insects is a perfect snack also for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

The little treats in the form of bones are suitable especially as a reward while training in the dog park or just as proof of your love to your pet. They exclusively consist of insect protein and so are suitable for dogs that are sensitive to any type of meat and suffer from animal protein intolerance. Naturally, Yummeez Solo with insects are grain free and so are perfect requirements for dogs allergy sufferers and nutrition-sensitive dogs.

Vegetable by-products, (52% tapioca starch, 4% quinoa, 0.1% ginkgo leaves), insects (26% insect meal).

Additives: preservatives.

Moisture 26%
Crude protein 22.5%
Crude ash 8.5%
Crude fat 4.5%
Crude fiber 2%

Give your dog a Solo Insekt as a treat between meals.

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