Menu Nature Gourmet Blend
Versele Laga Menu Nature Gourmet Blend  3 kg, 12.5 kg
Versele Laga Menu Nature Gourmet Blend  3 kg
Menu Nature Gourmet Blend 3 kg by Versele Laga EAN 5410340641132

Menu Nature Gourmet Blend

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Menu Nature Gourmet Blend

3 kg

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Menu Nature Gourmet Blend

12.5 kg

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Analytical constituents
Feeding recommendations
Wild birds food

Versele Laga Menu Nature Gourmet Blend

Energy-rich mix for cold days

  • Varied mixture with mealworms and energy pellets
  • Checked on the presence of ambrosia seed to prevent this parasitic plant from invading your garden
  • Gives birds extra energy to keep their body temperature high during colder days

Derivatives of vegetable origin, seeds, cereals, insects (mealworms 4.0%), fruit, oils and fats, nuts, minerals.

Crude fat 14%
Crude protein 12%
Crude fiber 7.5%
Crude ash 2.5%

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