Dog Toy Quincy Dog
Hunter Dog Toy Quincy Dog Dog  Light brown

Dog Toy Quincy Dog

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Hunter Dog Toy Quincy Mouse

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Hunter Dog Toy Quincy Dog

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Light brown
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Soft toys

Hunter Dog Toy Quincy Dog

The Quincy dog toys are the Dilley dog toys’ big brothers. They may be a bit bigger, but you’ll soon see the resemblance in how irresistibly soft and cuddly they are!

Quincy is available in two different designs. Choose between a mouse or a dog. Both are unbeatably cute and incredibly soft. This soft plushy is washable, so if Quincy gets dirty, you can just wash him in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius. If your kids start fighting with your dog over the toy, don’t worry! Quincy is made to the same quality standard as children’s toys. Quincy doesn’t squeak so he won’t make any noise while your dog plays with him.

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