MAC's Kitten - Turkey, Chicken, and Salmon in Tray 85 g

Kitten - Turkey, Chicken, and Salmon in Tray

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MAC's Kitten - Turkey, Chicken, and Salmon in Tray

​MAC’s Kitten - Turkey, Chicken, and Salmon is made of selected ingredients and grain free. ​MAC’s Kitten offers your young pets everything they need for healthy growing - amino acids of high quality of a big portion of meat and all essential vitamins and minerals.

Meat and fish originate exclusively from german production. A combination of different ingredients provides balanced nutrition for your cats.

Meat (at least 30% turkey, 20% chicken), fish (at least 20% salmon) and animal by-products (turkey hearts, turkey liver, turkey stomachs, turkey necks, chicken hearts, chicken stomachs, chicken liver, chicken necks), minerals (1%), 0.1% eggshell powder.


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