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Genuine sheepskin
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Pets Nature Genuine sheepskin White 110x60 cm
Pets Nature Genuine sheepskin EAN 4260379444522 - price
Pets Nature Genuine sheepskin White 110x60 cm - price
Pets Nature Genuine sheepskin White 110x60 cm shop
Genuine sheepskin by Pets Nature White 110x60 cm Reviews

Genuine sheepskin

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1. Colour:
Dark brown
2. Measurements:
110x60 cm
2. Measurements:
110x60 cm
2. Measurements:
110x60 cm
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Pets Nature Genuine sheepskin

Almost every dog and cat prefers a cuddly sleeping space. Especially if it is extra cozy with this fluffy soft sheepskin!​

The four-legged friends love the special smell and accept the coat very well as a resting place. Whether in the basket or on the sofa, the sheepskin ensures a pleasant climate in every season. Its natural structure makes it pleasantly warming in winter, but pleasantly cool in summer.

The biological scale structure of the wool fiber is preserved by the ecological tanning and repels dirt. Therefore, these sheepskins have a natural self-cleaning power. Likewise, the original wool fat (lanolin) is retained, whereby the sheepskin is impregnated in a natural way and thus largely dirt-repellent.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Temperature Compensating
  • Dirt repellent and washable
  • Ecologically tanned
  • Dimensions: about 110x60 cm.

​Each sheepskin is unique, so there may be natural variations in color and size.

Care instructions: Brush regularly with a soft brush. Light stains can be dried with a damp cloth, please wash the fur as seldom as possible. One wash should be necessary, please use special lambskin detergent and clean the coat by hand. Before drying outside or in a well-ventilated room, the leather side should be rubbed with soap, just before drying, the coat should be stretched intensive in all directions. Then it can be brushed and roughened in the dry state.These sheepskins are produced as a by-product during meat processing, no animal is killed exclusively for its production.

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