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Terra Canis Winter Dream  400 g

Winter Dream

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1. Weight:
400 g
Winter Dream Terra Canis 4260109624583

Terra Canis Winter Dream

2. Taste:
Reindeer & Potato
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Wet & canned food

Terra Canis Winter Dream

With juicy roast venison, healthy pumpkin, exquisite sweet potato as well as fruity mandarin and vitamin-rich cowberries, the Terra Canis winter menu cannot only score culinarily, it also supplies many healthy nutrients thanks to which the dog stays fit during the cold season.

A special delicacy are the contained sweet chestnuts which are high in precious proteins and supply the dog with important amino acids. Added coconut flakes supply additional healthy fatty acids, whereas the aromatic fennel seeds have positive effects on digestion and the gastro-intestinal tract.

Owing to its rare processing, roe venison is also a tasty alternative for sensitive dogs and dogs suffering from allergies, which will certainly arouse great enthusiasm. The Terra Canis winter menu is made of raw materials of 100% human grade quality.

Venison muscle meat (60%), pumpkin, courgette, celeriac (4%), sweet potato (7%), apple, mandarin (2%), cowberries, sweet chestnuts (2%), coconut flakes, fennel seeds (0.4%), linseed oil, mineral clay, organic eggshell powder**, thyme, ginger, Inca salt, seaweed.

**hygienized & sterile, DE-006 eco-inspection authority monitored by ABCERT

Moisture 78.1%
Crude protein 8.5%
Crude fat 4.6%
Crude ash 0.8%
Crude fiber 0.8%

Weight of the dog Daily rate
5 kg 150 - 200 g
10 kg 300 - 400 g
20 kg 600 - 800 g
30 kg 900 -1200 g

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Terra Canis
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