Rinti Sensible Snacks Goose Pur 40 g

Sensible Snacks Goose Pur

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Sensible Snacks Goose Pur
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Analytical constituents
Feeding recommendations
Beef Jerky

Rinti Sensible Snacks Goose Pur

These meat snacks designed as a complete feed were freeze dried in a vacuum through complex production process.

Sensitive Snacks Goose Pur are perfectly suitable for digestive sensible dogs with special requirements or for allergic dogs.Due to the gentle freeze-drying, the natural meat aroma is preserved for excellent acceptance by the dog.

Rinti Sensible Snacks are particularly digestible and can be fed without hesitation during an elimination diet - as a small reward for in between - even for nutritionally sensitive dogs.


Crude protein 70%
Crude fat 20%

Weight of a dog

Daily rate

10 kg

ca. 10 g

20 kg

ca. 20 g

40 kg

ca. 30 g

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