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Siccaro WetDog Splash XS XS Dark green

WetDog Splash XS

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2. Colour:
Dark green
2. Colour:
Dark green
2. Colour:
Dark green
2. Colour:
Dark green
2. Colour:
Dark green
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Raincoats for dogs

Siccaro WetDog Splash XS

The SPLASH super absorbent dog drying robe gets dogs 80% dry within 20 minutes. It features a unique super absorbent inner felted viscose for absorbency and the outer is a durable cotton.

The tailored fit enables the dog’s chest, upper legs, outer hind quarters, back, neck and ears to dry quickly whilst the dog enjoys perfect freedom of movement. It is ideal after rainy walks, swimming or a bath and the unique SICCARO absorbent fabric helps to reduce wet dog smell along with reducing dirt distributed in the home and car.

It features a specially designed easy-use ClickLock that can be operated with one hand or with gloves on. Girth size is also adjustable due to the adjustable belly strap.

Size guide: The size of the Splash robe depends of the length measured from the root of the tail to the base of the neck when the head is raised. Is your dog right between 2 sizes? Get the larger one as it will shrink 3-5% when washed.

Size Dorsal Length
XS 20-27 cm
S 27-37 cm
M 37-47 cm
L 47-57 cm
XL 57-65 cm

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