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Siccaro FlexDog Mat Bamboo Khaki 70x55/110 cm

FlexDog Mat Bamboo

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1. Color:
Beige brown
Light brown
2. Measurements:
70x55/110 cm 90x55/110 cm
2. Measurements:
70x55/110 cm 90x55/110 cm
2. Measurements:
70x55/110 cm 90x55/110 cm
2. Measurements:
70x55/110 cm 90x55/110 cm
2. Measurements:
70x55/110 cm 90x55/110 cm
102,88 £*
102,88 £*

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Siccaro FlexDog Mat Bamboo

If you are looking for a cosy, organic and lightweight dog mat that will suit a dog with an on-the-go lifestyle, then the Siccaro FlexDog Mat is the ultimate solution.

The outside layer of the FlexDog Mat features the famous non-toxic, organic bamboo outer layer that naturally protects your dog’s special bed from collecting bad odours. Within the mat is a super absorbent viscose blend that can soak up moisture if your dog has just been for a walk, been in the rain or had a bath. It contains a lightweight inner honeycomb structure, which is soft and shock absorbing (great for bumpy car rides), is breathable and won’t collect mites or other parasites. Because the outer fabric is easily removable, you can machine wash it at 30C degrees and tumble dry it at low heat.

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