Europet-Bernina Heartfelt Mystery 160 50x50x160 cm
Europet-Bernina Heartfelt Mystery 160 EAN 4047059425176 - price
Europet-Bernina Heartfelt Mystery 160 50x50x160 cm  - price
Europet-Bernina Heartfelt Mystery 160 50x50x160 cm  shop
Heartfelt Mystery 160 by Europet-Bernina 50x50x160 cm  Reviews

Heartfelt Mystery 160

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50x50x160 cm
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546,11 £*

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Europet-Bernina Heartfelt Mystery 160

Mystery 160 - a real catch for your restless feline!

Beautiful cabinet with braced door and floor drawer for toys keeping. Left and right outer sides are covered with scratching surface to climb up and down.

The cabinet has 2 entrance openings for your cat to get in and out (on the left bottom and on the top right sides).

  • 4 shelves inside (replaceable)
  • Mystery's top and floor are covered with soft plush.
  • Measurements: 50x50x160 cm

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