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Oceanz Drum Fish
DUVO+ Oceanz Drum Fish Drum fish 50 g
DUVO+ Oceanz Drum Fish EAN 5414365216269 - price
DUVO+ Oceanz Drum Fish Drum fish 50 g - price

Oceanz Drum Fish

Product code: 77897
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1. Taste:
Oceanz Anchovy DUVO+ 5414365216283

DUVO+ Oceanz Anchovy

Oceanz Cod DUVO+ 5414365216306

DUVO+ Oceanz Cod

Conger eel
Oceanz Sea Eel DUVO+ 5414365216245

DUVO+ Oceanz Sea Eel

Drum fish
Oceanz Drum Fish DUVO+ 5414365216269

DUVO+ Oceanz Drum Fish

Oceanz Lizardfish DUVO+ 5414365216184

DUVO+ Oceanz Lizardfish

Oceanz Scabbardfish DUVO+ 5414365216221

DUVO+ Oceanz Scabbardfish

Oceanz Sole Fish DUVO+ 5414365216207

DUVO+ Oceanz Sole Fish

2. Weight:
75 g
2. Weight:
50 g
2. Weight:
100 g
2. Weight:
50 g
2. Weight:
100 g
2. Weight:
75 g
2. Weight:
50 g
10,45 £*
9,41 £*
188,2 £* / Kg

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Fish dog treats

DUVO+ Oceanz Drum Fish

Dried black drum fish straight from the sea

100% natural Duvo+ Oceanz dried black drum fish is a healthy fish snack for your dog. This unprocessed treat is rich in vitamin D and omega-3.

Free from added aromas, colourants and flavourings and guaranteed to be up to European standards of both quality and taste. Yummy! Oceanz snacks are an excellent choice if your dog has a sensitive stomach or food allergies!

  • Rich in omega 3
  • High in vitamin D
  • 100% natural

Drum Fish 100%

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