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DUVO+ Biscuits with Chicken Liver Chicken liver 340 g

Biscuits with Chicken Liver

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1. Taste:
Biscuits with Chicken DUVO+ 5414365117153

DUVO+ Biscuits with Chicken

Chicken liver
Biscuits with Chicken Liver DUVO+ 5414365117177

DUVO+ Biscuits with Chicken Liver

2. Weight:
340 g
2. Weight:
340 g
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Dog biscuits & cakes

DUVO+ Biscuits with Chicken Liver

Chicken liver dog biscuits.

The Duvo+ Mmmeatz Chicken Liver Biscuits contain very crunchy dog biscuits with a delicious vivid chicken liver filling that are perfect as training biscuits, but also as a tasty snack in between meals. The biscuits strengthen the teeth and satisfy the chewing instinct of the dog.

  • Crunchy dog biscuits
  • Tender and tasty chicken filling
  • Satisfies dogs’ chewing instinct
  • Helps promote healthy teeth

  • For dogs aged 6 months and upwards

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