Coockoo Hide Interactive Cat Toy
EBI Coockoo Hide Interactive Cat Toy Lime

Coockoo Hide Interactive Cat Toy

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Interactive toys

EBI Coockoo Hide Interactive Cat Toy

Your cat will love the interactive cat toy Coockoo Hide.

Just put the colored cover on the engine, set one of the 3 speed levels on the middle section and your cat can play. The three speed levels are: slow, fast and random. A timer (15 minutes) is automatically activated and protects the battery when the toy is not in use.

The rod below the colored cover is changeable. Choose between a short rod that only moves under the cover and the longer rod with an attached feather, that promote your cat's hunting instinct. The four feet, which can be positioned as you want, guarantee the firm standing of the Coockoo Hide. 3xAA batteries are required, which are not included in the delivery. The Coockoo Hide is available in blue, pink, green and orange.

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