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Camilla Scratching Post
Trixie Camilla Scratching Post ø57x98 cm
Trixie Camilla Scratching Post EAN 4011905446622 - price
Trixie Camilla Scratching Post ø57x98 cm  - price
Trixie Camilla Scratching Post ø57x98 cm  shop

Camilla Scratching Post

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ø57x98 cm
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Medium sized scratcher

Trixie Camilla Scratching Post

Scratching, hiding, cuddling, climbing and enjoying the view: TRIXIE scratching posts and furniture fulfil many functions and meet all cat needs.

  • With plush cover and sisal scratching surface
  • Cave made of plush
  • Colour: light taupe/brown
  • Floor area: ø 57 cm
  • Post: ø 11 cm
  • Height: 98 cm

The specified Trixie measurements always refer to external dimensions.

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