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Antonia Cuddly Place
Trixie Antonia Cuddly Place 40x48x40 cm
Trixie Antonia Cuddly Place EAN 4047974363126 - price
Trixie Antonia Cuddly Place 40x48x40 cm  - price
Trixie Antonia Cuddly Place 40x48x40 cm  shop
Antonia Cuddly Place by Trixie 40x48x40 cm  Reviews

Antonia Cuddly Place

Product code: 66004, 66003
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Antonia Cuddly Place

40x48x40 cm

18,34 £*
16,50 £*
You save 1,84 £*

Polly Cuddly Place with decorative handles

50x38x20 cm

16,98 £*
15,29 £*
You save 1,69 £*

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Cuddly bags

Trixie Antonia Cuddly Place

Snuggling up: A short nap or deep sleep - on TRIXIE beds, cushions and blankets, dogs can rest and relax.

  • Stable in shape
  • Insulating and dirt repellent
  • Material: felt (polyester)
  • Colour: grey
  • Featurers: stable, washable
  • Closes with press buttons at the top and on the side
  • Article No. 66003 is decorated with decorative handles of twisted cotton rope
  • Article No. 66004 is closed by push buttons at the top and side

The specified Trixie measurements always refer to external dimensions.

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