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Tennis Rugby Ball, Polyester
Trixie Tennis Rugby Ball, Polyester Rugby Ball  12 cm

Tennis Rugby Ball, Polyester

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Rugby Ball
Tennis Rugby Ball, Polyester Trixie 4011905347868

Trixie Tennis Rugby Ball, Polyester

Tennis Dumbbell, Polyester Trixie 4011905347882

Trixie Tennis Dumbbell, Polyester

Tennis Bone, Polyester Trixie 4011905347875

Trixie Tennis Bone, Polyester

2. Measurements:
12 cm
2. Measurements:
15 cm
2. Measurements:
17 cm
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Throw and fetch toys

Trixie Tennis Rugby Ball, Polyester

Soft and cuddly or tough and robust? TRIXIE dog toys have something to offer for each style of play.

  • Dog suitable version without glass fibres
  • Particularly robust due to rubber filling

The specified Trixie measurements always refer to external dimensions.

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