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Smiley Joking, Plush
Trixie Smiley Joking, Plush 9 cm Joking

Smiley Joking, Plush

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1. Diameter:
9 cm
Smiley Joking, Plush Trixie 4011905347721

Trixie Smiley Joking, Plush

14 cm
Smiley Winking, Plush Trixie 4011905347776

Trixie Smiley Winking, Plush

2. Options:
Laughing Joking Heart Eyes Doubtful
2. Options:
Winking Laughing Kissing Cool
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Dog toy squeakers

Trixie Smiley Joking, Plush

Soft and cuddly or tough and robust? TRIXIE dog toys have something to offer for each style of play. Floating, with squeaker, animal-like sounds or muted - each four-legged friend has individual needs and preferences. To amuse particularly active dogs discs, rolls, dummies, snack and prey toys are particularly suitable. Less active pets like soft toys with sounds, like this assortment of Smileys. Find one to be a favorite toy of your pet!

The specified Trixie measurements always refer to external dimensions.

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