Trixie Premio Barbecue Hearts Chicken Breast 50 g
Trixie Premio Barbecue Hearts EAN 4011905427034 - price
Trixie Premio Barbecue Hearts Chicken Breast 50 g - price

Premio Barbecue Hearts

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1. Taste:
Premio Chicken Cubes Trixie 4011905427065

Trixie Premio Chicken Cubes

Chicken Breast
Premio Barbecue Hearts Trixie 4011905427034

Trixie Premio Barbecue Hearts

Chicken & Cheese
Premio Cheese Chicken Cubes Trixie 4011905427171

Trixie Premio Cheese Chicken Cubes

Chicken & Octopus
Premio Chicken Octopus Bites Trixie 4011905427041

Trixie Premio Chicken Octopus Bites

2. Weight:
50 g
2. Weight:
50 g
2. Weight:
50 g
2. Weight:
50 g
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1,02 £*
20,4 £* / Kg

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Gluten-free snacks

Trixie Premio Barbecue Hearts

There is a large selection of TRIXIE snacks. Premium quality with specially high-quality ingredients, trainer snacks, snacks with anti-hairball effect or simple treats for in between meals. Here you can find the right reward for every purpose.

  • With chicken
  • Meat content 62 %
  • In resealable bag

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