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Transport Box Skudo Car
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Trixie Transport Box Skudo Car 77x54x44 cm

Transport Box Skudo Car

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Transport boxes

Trixie Transport Box Skudo Car

Safely on tour: TRIXIE products ensure safe and comfortable travel for your dog.

  • Optimal utilisation of car boot space due to slanted sides
  • With lockable metal door that folds open
  • Lateral foldable handles allow easier pulling of the box
  • Materaial: plastic, metal
  • Colour: taupe/sand

Instructions: Place the box in the car boot leaning against the back seats and make sure that the box cannot shift.

Size Dimensions
S–M 77×54×44 cm
M 89×62×51 cm
M–L 100×68×60 cm

The specified Trixie measurements always refer to external dimensions.

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