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Boneguard with Rope
Trixie Boneguard with Rope ø 13x16 cm
Trixie Boneguard with Rope EAN 4047974348932 - price
Trixie Boneguard with Rope ø 13x16 cm  - price
Trixie Boneguard with Rope ø 13x16 cm  shop
Boneguard with Rope by Trixie ø 13x16 cm  Reviews
Boneguard with Rope ø 13x16 cm  by Trixie buy online
Trixie Boneguard with Rope EAN 4047974348932 - price

Boneguard with Rope

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Boneguard with Rope

ø 10x13 cm

14,39 £*
12,66 £*
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Boneguard with Rope

ø 13x16 cm

21,62 £*
19,03 £*
You save 2,59 £*

Boneguard with Rope

ø 7x8 cm

UVP 10,32 £*
7,15 £*
You save 3.17 £*

Boneguard with Rope

ø 8x10 cm

10,76 £*
9,47 £*
You save 1,29 £*

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Snack toys

Trixie Boneguard with Rope

Most dogs love to chew incessantly. The numerous TRIXIE chewing items are just right for this. The line Denta Fun offers chewing fun with additional dental care effect.

The snacks are tougher than normal snacks or made of extra thick and tough rawhide. This helps rub the plaque from the teeth and can support your dog's dental health.​

  • Centre of gravity keeps the bone on top and provides clean chewing pleasure
  • Secure attachment of bone with screw

There are additional accessories for the following article:

The specified Trixie measurements always refer to external dimensions.

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