Trixie Insect Shield Vest 64-79x56  cm
Trixie Insect Shield Vest EAN 4047974304051 - price
Trixie Insect Shield Vest 64-79x56  cm  - price

Insect Shield Vest

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Name Measurements Price Quantity
Insect Shield Vest

38-48x25 cm

13,49 £*

Insect Shield Vest

40-53x30 cm

15,35 £*

Insect Shield Vest

52-66x36 cm

16,58 £*

Insect Shield Vest

54-69x42 cm

18,42 £*

Insect Shield Vest

56-70x48 cm

21,52 £*

Insect Shield Vest

64-79x56 cm

23,11 £*

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Trixie Insect Shield Vest

Freeing your pet of parasites, treating the environment and preventing reinfestation: the TRIXIE anti-parasite range offers the right product for every phase in flea, tick and lice control.

  • Active ingredient: permethrin
  • Polyester
  • Invisible, odourless insect protection
  • Deters mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas and ants
  • Long-term protection (for at least 25 washes
  • Ideal for trips to the park, walks in the wood or for camping
  • Colour: grey

Size Waist circumference Back length
XS 38-48 cm 25 cm
S 40-53 cm 30 cm
M 52-66 cm 36 cm
M-L 54-69 cm 42 cm
L 56-70 cm 48 cm
L-XL 64-79 cm 56 cm
The specified Trixie measurements always refer to external dimensions.

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