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Cat Toy Manila
Hunter Cat Toy Manila M

Cat Toy Manila

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Cat Toy Manila


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Cat Toy Manila


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Cat toys with food

Hunter Cat Toy Manila

The MANILA cat toy is ideal for cats who are perhaps a little too fond of their food. It stimulates the urge to play, keeps your cat mentally healthy and is an effective and enjoyable means of preventing your cat from devouring its daily dried food.

At first sight, MANILA looks rather more like a UFO than a cat toy. When you open it, you will discover the little ‘food labyrinth’ that is concealed inside the toy. You can fill the MANILA toy with your cat’s dry food and seal it up.

The little internal dividing walls ensure that your cat must jostle and play with the toy until the individual morsels of food find their way out of the toy. Your cat will be entertained by the MANILA toy for hours at a time; at the same time, it also prevents your little tiger from devouring its food too quickly.

The MANILA cat toy is available in two sizes and is made from hygienic, smooth plastic, and is dishwasher-safe.

Size Diameter
S 12 cm
M 19 cm

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