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Cat Toy Famy
Hunter Cat Toy Famy Pink
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Hunter Cat Toy Famy Pink  - price

Cat Toy Famy

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Hunter Cat Toy Famy

All cats love to play. Playtime is particularly enjoyable with the FAMY cat toy, as the cheerful little mouse or fish figures on the end of the teaser rod light up when your cat interacts with them!

The classic teaser rod is popular with cats and humans in equal measure. Cats can’t get enough of the leaping, hovering and agile toy figures and we humans value being able to keep our hands out of range of sharp feline claws while playing with our cats! Several different versions of the FAMY toy are available, the fluffy feathers of which offer an even more interesting target.

When your cat pounces on the FAMY figures with its paws, it will quickly notice that little lights within the FAMY toy are triggered by movement. Your cat will be further motivated to play and gives boredom no chance to set in.

With the FAMY cat toy, you are not only providing entertainment for your cat, but also contributing to its mental and physical health. Your cat will stay healthy and youthful for longer as a result.

Dimensions: 43 cm


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