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Cat Toy Balanga
Hunter Cat Toy Balanga 7 cm

Cat Toy Balanga

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7 cm
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Hunter Cat Toy Balanga

The interactive BALANGA cat toy stimulates your cat’s instinct for play will provide you and your house cat with plenty of amusement.
Cats are born with an innate urge to hunt and play. It is especially important that indoor cats have enough time to play, whether that’s with a person, another cat or even alone. The BALANGA toy provides the perfect solution.

The unique design of the BALANGA toy is what makes it so interesting: The rounded underside means the toy will always land the right way up. Dry food can be hidden inside the toy, and your cat must then work out that tipping the toy over will cause food to fall out of the openings, and that’s what makes the toy so exciting.

The fluttering feathers make the BALANGA toy even more enticing, as they flutter and wave with every movement and encourage your cat to play. Small bells are incorporated in the design and create additional animating noises during play.

The fun-filled BALANGA cat toy keeps your cat mentally and physically fit, ensuring it can live a long and happy life. Dimensions: 7 cm


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