Cat Food Dish with Silicon Base
Hunter Cat Food Dish with Silicon Base Black 25.8 cm

Cat Food Dish with Silicon Base

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25.8 cm
2. Diameter:
25.8 cm
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Hunter Cat Food Dish with Silicon Base

Cats are extremely endearing and interesting pets who have their own peculiarities. Cats generally do not prefer their drinking water to be near the feeding bowl, and they like to crouch down to eat. The cat feeding bowl with silicone base is well-suited to this behaviour. Like the big cats in the wild, house cats also prefer to crouch while eating.

For this reason, they like flatter feeding bowls as compared to dogs, who prefer to stand while eating. Furthermore, many cats first take each morsel out of the feeding bowl and carefully inspect it before eating it. This naturally results in the need to remove food bits from around the feeding bowl and to clean the area everyday.

The cat feeding bowl with silicone base is not only conveniently low, it also remains stable on smooth floor surfaces due to the silicone base. Besides, food bits remain on the easy to clean base. You can wash the base as well as the removable stainless steel dish in the dishwasher.

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