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Home Comfort Calming Spray
Felisept Home Comfort Calming Spray 100 ml

Home Comfort Calming Spray

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Attractants & Relaxants

Felisept Home Comfort Calming Spray

Felisept Home Comfort calming spray helps your cat to cope with stress and therefore reduce unwanted behaviours (such as urinating, scratching, excessive sensitivity or irritability). The plant based scent Nepeta Cataria creates a relaxed feel-good atmosphere for your cat and helps to cope with stress and anxiety in a natural way. Ideal for use in stressful situations such as travel, veterinary visits, moving home and introducing new pets to the household.

Instructions for use: Feilsept Home Comfort Calming spray can be sprayed onto bedding, carriers, furniture and carpets. Spray all related surfaces in distance of approximately 10 cm. Use daily to remain effective. For veterinary visits or journeys, spray on all surfaces inside the carrier.

Active Ingredient: Nepeta Cataria L.

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