Home Comfort Diffuser Set
Felisept Home Comfort Diffuser Set White 30 ml
Felisept Home Comfort Diffuser Set EAN 4019181208002 - price
Felisept Home Comfort Diffuser Set White 30 ml - price

Home Comfort Diffuser Set

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Felisept Home Comfort Diffuser Set

Felisept Home Comfort Set contains an electric aroma diffuser and the associated bottle.

The herbal fragrance contained creates a relaxed feel-good atmosphere for your cat and helps in a natural way to calm and reduce stress and anxiety. Felisept Home Comfort helps to control unwanted behavior (such as urine marking, hypersensitivity or irritability) of your cat in the home environment. The active substance in Felisept is an extract of Catnip (Nepeta cataria L.) - a plant of the Lamiaceae family, which also includes different species of mints. The plant is known under the name of "cats mint" because of its particular attraction for the cats and other feline species. This is due to a substance in the plant called nepetalactone. Nepetalactone plays the role of a social calm and therefore is particularly indicated in stressful situations related to social interactions or territoriality problems.

Clinical tests on cats showed that the ingredients in Felisept Home Comfort bring a decrease in the frequency of behaviours that state of stress in cats within few days. More than that, these tests also outlined that the calming effect of Nepetalactone itself increases and becomes even more precious when applicated for a longer time. As human, animals are subjected to situations that can lead to stress reactions.

Stress is a normal reaction of the body against attacks but can lead, when those situations are prolonged or too intense, to discomfortable conditions and even conducts to real pathologic states like neurosis or depression. In particular case of pets living at home, states of stress can lead to extremely embarrassing or dangerous behavior and may affect the coexistence between humans and animals. The situations that can lead to situations of stress in cats are primarily social and territorial.

The cat is naturally a solitary and territorial animal. The main causes of stress encountered in house conditions came from territorial conflicts with other residents of the home. The most classic situation of territorial conflict is the arrival of another cat but also of another pet, like dog or even of a child or a person. Another stressful situation for the cat is a change in its place of life, rearrange or new furniture and especially a move. In addition, every situation that can be felt by the cat as a constraint will be very stressful (veterinary visits, journeys, fireworks, thunderstorms, etc.).

Instructions to use: Remove the safety cap of the bottle and screw the bottle into the diffuser. The Felisept aroma diffuser is plugged in and turned into a power outlet. There the diffuser distributes the natural extract of Nepeta cataria around. The diffuser is effective from approximately 1 hour after switching on, and should remain permanently switched on in order to achieve the desired effect. Enough for an area of approximately 50m². The Felisept flacon is only suitable for use in Felisept Home Comfort evaporator. After the bottle is used up, remove diffuser from the power outlet without removing the bottle from diffusor. The overall efficacy of the ingredient is from about 30 days. Upon recurrence of stress-related symptoms a Felisept refill flacon (30 ml) can be inserted into the diffuser. Follow the enclosed instructions!

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