FURminator FURflex Fur Sweeper Head
FURminator FURflex Fur Sweeper Head EAN 4048422137252 - price
FURminator FURflex Fur Sweeper Head   - price

FURflex Fur Sweeper Head

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Hair removal

FURminator FURflex Fur Sweeper Head

Special roller sweeps away and traps pet hair in the built-in chamber for clean and convenient hair collection. Simply roll the FUR Sweeper over any upholstered surface, empty and reuse. Use with the FURminator FURflex System to get the ultimate flexibility in pet hair control - customize to quickly and easily deshed, groom & pick up loose hair!

  • Twist knob to quickly clean the fabric for the next use
  • Roller lifts and traps unsightly pet hair
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of use
  • Chamber collects and traps pet hair. Simply open, empty and reuse
  • Secure FURmLock technology

Directions for use: Products designed for daily hair training and grooming and clean up.

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