Royal Canin Feline Breed Nutrition - Maine Coon Adult 85 g

Feline Breed Nutrition - Maine Coon Adult

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Feeding recommendations
Wet & canned food

Royal Canin Feline Breed Nutrition - Maine Coon Adult

This wet cat food is the perfect complement to the Maine Coon dry formula. Features a combination of nutrients to meet the unique needs of the Pure Breed Maine Coon cat.

Meat and animal by-products, cereals, fish and fish products, vegetable protein extracts, vegetable by-products, minerals, oils and fats, sugars, mussels and crustaceans.

Additives: vitamin D3  315 IU, iron 11 mg, iodine 0.11 mg, copper 0.9 mg, manganese 3.4 mg.

Weight of cat

Daily requirement (pouches)

5 kg

2 + 3/4

6 kg

3 + 1/4

7 kg

3 + 1/2

8 kg


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