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Sauce Lover with Duck
Sheba Sauce Lover with Duck 85 g

Sauce Lover with Duck

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1. Taste:
Sauce Lover with Chicken Sheba 4008429073472

Sheba Sauce Lover with Chicken

Sauce Lover with Duck Sheba 4008429096099

Sheba Sauce Lover with Duck

Sauce Lover with Salmon Sheba 4008429073502

Sheba Sauce Lover with Salmon

Sauce Lover with Tuna Sheba 4008429073533

Sheba Sauce Lover with Tuna

2. Weight:
85 g
2. Weight:
85 g
2. Weight:
85 g
2. Weight:
85 g
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Sheba Sauce Lover with Duck

Is your feline a real sauce lover?

With Sheba Sauce Lover you have always treats at your fingertips to coddle your pets for a while - tender snack made of the best nutrients with delicious sauce, that your cats lick off to the very last drop. Complete feed for adult cats.

Meat and animal by-products (43%, including 4% duck), cereals, minerals, sugar.

Moisture 83%
Crude protein 8.5%
Crude fat 5%
Inorganic substances 1.8%
Crude fiber 0.3%

An adult cat (approx. 4 kg) needs 2-3 bowls per day.

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