Drapa - WM
Versele Laga Drapa - WM  25 kg

Drapa - WM

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25 kg
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Pigeon food

Versele Laga Drapa - WM

The food of the multiple German Champion and Olympic Champion Andreas Drapa.

Feed with high fat content, which is specialy developed for pigeons, which making a part in competitions and racing pigeons for medium distance. Can be used in combination with Versele-Laga Champion Plus I.C.+.

Plate maize 20%, French Cribs Maize 5%, French Cribs Maize 8%, Cinquantino maize 2%, European White Dari 12%, Red Dari 6%, Cardy 12%, Paddy Rice 8%, Oat Kernels 6%, Hemp Seed 10% Canary seeds 3%, Plata millet 2%, Brown linseed 4%, Black rape plant 2%.

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