Canina Pharma Petvital Verminex 25 ml

Petvital Verminex

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Petvital Verminex

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Anti-parasite spray

Canina Pharma Petvital Verminex

- Protection against ticks, fleas, lice and mites.

- Easy and economic usage by applying directly onto the skin.

- Vermin cannot become resistant.

- Can be used on dogs, cats, rodents, birds etc.

- Does not enter into the body of the animal.

- Does not harm the animal / causes no disorders of the metabolism.

- Can be used very well in combination with Petvital Verminex Shampoo

Application 1x week:

Dog/cat: 1 drop about every 3cm from the tail to the root over the skull directly onto the skin, only press the bottle slightly to apply the drops. For larger animals apply 2-3 additional drops under the axilla.

Rodents: depending on the size apply max. 10 drops distributed over the skin. Only press the bottle slightly.

Birds: depending on the size apply a few drops onto the skin.

Dodecanic acid (naturally ocurring in the coconut oil), neem extract

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