Anti-Parasit Spot-on dog mini
Bogacare Anti-Parasit Spot-on dog mini 4x0.75 ml

Anti-Parasit Spot-on dog mini

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4x0.75 ml
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Bogacare Anti-Parasit Spot-on dog mini

Bogacare ANTI-PARASIT Spot-on dog MINI is an effective preventive protection against parasites and has been specially developed for the sensitive skin of small dogs. Margosa is a pure herbal active substance which has powerful repellent qualities and gives your little darling a long-lasting protection against ticks, fleas and mites.

  • 20% Margosa extract, CO2-extracted (biocide active ingredient)
  • Effective protection for up to 16 weeks
  • Inhibits the life cycle of the flea
  • Has a repelling/protective effect on mites, fleas, biting lice and ticks
  • New, low-odor, particularly skin-friendly recipe
  • The highest quality pharmacological ingredients
  • Multi-layer, high-quality tube with aluminum layer to protect against diffusion

According to the pictograms. Repeat every 2-4 weeks.

1-4 kg = 1 tube

4–8 kg = 2 tubes

Part coat cleanly, apply spot-on directly on the skin Observe the safety instructions on the packaging

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