Ferplast Nest 8 White 28x12x28.7 cm
Ferplast Nest 8 EAN 8010690118109 - price
Ferplast Nest 8 White 28x12x28.7 cm - price

Nest 8

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1. Colour:
2. Measurements:
28x12x28.7 cm
2. Measurements:
28x12x28.7 cm
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25,90 £*
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Wild bird cage

Ferplast Nest 8

If you want to take care of wild birds and provide them with food and shelter, you have found the right product! Ferplast nests are equipped with an internal space where birds can lay their eggs. They are perfect for outdoors and are equipped with a metal hook for hanging them from the trees in your garden. In particular, Nest 8 has a small opening on the top and a sloping roof.

All products in the range are made of TREE FRIEND wood that comes from responsibly managed forests only.

Dimension: 28x12xh28.7 cm

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