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Ferplast Cage - Luna 2 Brass 44.5x25x45.5 cm

Cage - Luna 2 Brass

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44.5x25x45.5 cm
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Ferplast Cage - Luna 2 Brass

Luna 2 is a small cage with a rectangular base, ideal for birds like canaries or small exotic birds. Its special structure in brass plated wire mesh has a slightly rounded shape, to give the birds more living space.

The Luna 2 birdcage is equipped with handle for easy carrying and contains all the necessary accessories to ensure your feathered friends live in the utmost comfort. Inside, you will find a plastic water bottle, two Brava 1 detachable swivel feeders, some plastic perches, a swing for your birds to play on, a clip for holding vegetables and a feeder for mash.

The cage is easy to look after and can be cleaned in an instant, thanks to its plastic bottom with a removable dirt-collecting tray. If necessary, you can also completely remove the bottom thanks to the handy clips on the sides.

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