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Pet Enigma Large 20
Savic Pet Enigma Large 20 Light green

Pet Enigma Large 20

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Savic Pet Enigma Large 20

Enigma is an interactive intelligence toy for larger cats and dogs. The Enigma puzzle stimulates the natural instinct of the cat or dog to work for its food. This is called food enrichment.

Food enrichment has many benefits, discover them in our information leaflet. Enigma is made of high quality materials and has a non-slip rim on the outer ring for added sturdiness and stability.

Finally, Enigma is easy to dismantle and clean (not dishwasher safe). Food enrichment is aimed at improving the well-being of the cat or dog. It must thus remain fun and not lead to frustation.

Dimensions: 39x37.5x8 cm

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Really good high quality product that can be used for treats or your dogs main meals. Easy to clean, vibrant colours, sturdy and well worth the money. Savic should make more of these and more places should sell them - they really are a great product.
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