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Oropharma Calci-Lux

Complementary feed for birds

Oropharma Calci-Lux is a high quality, water soluble source of calcium. This dietary supplement is administrated for good egg shell formation, for good skeletal development in young birds, during the breeding season to prevent egg-binding and in cases of calcium deficiency or calcium tetany.

Calcium is an essential element in the bird's body. Amongst others it is essential for the correct functioning of the nervous system. Calcium deficiencies in birds regularly result in serious health problems. If the bird is not given enough calcium, it causes decalcification of the skeleton and bone deformation. In the hen a calcium deficiency during the breeding period results in poor egg shell formation and even to egg-binding. Giving extra calcium to birds during the breeding and growth season is therefore strongly recommended. Sufficient calcium ensures good egg shell formation and the development of a healthy skeleton.

Calcium 7.25%


  • 1 level measure (= 4 g) twice a week per 100 g Orlux eggfood or per 250 ml drinking water. 

Before and during the breeding season

  • 2 level measures (= 8 g) daily per 100 g Orlux eggfood or per 250 ml drinking water. 

In case of a calcium deficiency

  • 3 level measures (= 12 g) daily per 100 g Orlux eggfood or per 250 ml drinking water

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