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Feeding recommendations

Oropharma Muta-Vit

Complementary feed for birds

Oropharma Muta-Vit is a special blend of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, with high content of sulphurous amino acids and biotin. This dietary supplement promotes feather development and condition, strengthens the plumage, protects the liver and ensures an optimal metabolism.

Muta-Vit helps to prevent fright moulting. During the moult, the bird is subject to stress. An optimal supplement to the feed is necessary then. The sulphurous amino acids in Muta-Vit are essential for the production of keratin, the building material for feathers and skin. Biotin ensures good quality keratin. This guarantees a fast and good moult.

1 level measure (= 1 g) of Muta-Vit per 250 ml drinking water or per 100 g Orlux soft food or eggfood.


  • During the moult to promote the development of the feathers: three times a week.
  • During the preparation for the show season: for 4 consecutive days.
  • -fter treatment with antibiotics or other medicines: for 5 consecutive days.
  • In cases of decreased appetite as a result of a poor metabolism: for one whole week.

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